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Has anyone noticed an improvement since the loading bay outside Tesco has been expanded and the hours and rules changed?

We haven’t.

In fact, anecdotally, it seems to be the same or even worse. We have also received many emails and heard many comments from readers seeing the same. All these observations can be boiled down to the following three issues:

  1. Delivery trucks are getting nearer to and even into the Broadway Avenue intersection making this a blind turn to A316 bound traffic and a hazard to pedestrians.
  2. More ‘non-good’s’ cars and vans are using the loading bay as temporary parking to run into Tesco and shop, which is clearly against the rules for most of the time.
  3. There has been no visible increase in enforcement.

We then contacted Michael Potter, Senior Engineer of the Transport Planning Service for the Richmond Council asking him to comment. He said;

“As far as I am aware enforcement has been increased. I am copying my colleagues in Parking Enforcement asking that checks are made that this is being done.

Discussions will continue and I will be reporting back to the Council’s Cabinet Member, Mark Kreling on this matter.

I will do my best to improve matters within the Council’s powers.

In the meantime, I thank you for advising me of your observations.”

To that end, we recommend the following:

  • Contact Michael Potter if you see traffic issues at:
  • Report these same issues (via a cc:) to the SPASM website by emailing:
  • Another excellent resource recommended to us is Tescopoly, a national website trying to limit the power Tesco has as a near monopoly. On the Tescopoly site you can voice your opinion, lobby the government and follow other local campaigns across the country, including the similar issues with the Tesco at Kew.
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