British Airways World Cargo is asking people to collect, box and label quality goods for distribution in East Africa to needy children and their families – Operation Simba. In St Margarets, Lucy from Yummy Tots is arranging the collection and pick-up.

The deadline for getting items to Yummy Tots is Friday the 18th November, no later than 2pm. If you have questions, please call Lucy at 8891 4678.

Operation Simba is looking for:

  • gifts of new and used educational materials - books (in English), paper and pencils
  • clothing and shoes for all ages
  • toys and games in good condition (no batteries)
  • bicycles and scooters are especially welcome
  • toiletries for all ages
  • babyfood, milk powder, sterilisers, bottles and nappies for babies and infants

Please put the gifts in cardboard boxes, labeled clearly and sealed, with a description of the contents.

British Airways will ship the goods to Kenya - one of the world’s poorest countries. From where Bimal Shah, with the Lions Club of Nairobi, will distribute the goods directly to under-privileged children.