Tesco's Loading Bay Changes

The Richmond Council has granted Tesco additional flexibility on the loading bay in front of their St Margarets Road Tesco Express by increasing its overall size and extending the loading time per vehicle to one hour. The details of the extension are as follows:

  • Extend the loading bay outside 135 St Margarets Road by 4.4 metres north west towards Broadway Avenue.
  • Convert remaining existing single yellow line to double yellow line (no waiting at any time) restriction.
  • Maximum stay in the new loading box to be extended to one hour.
  • Hours of operation of the loading box have been reduced to the hours of 9.30am to 4.00pm, Mondays to Saturdays.

In return, the Council has:

“recommended that Tesco be asked to contribute to ‘community initiatives’ in the St Margarets area, to demonstrate their commitment to the area and act as a ‘community leader’.”

– from the Cabinet Report Tesco St Margarets
– Amendments To The Waiting And Loading Restrictions
, September 2005

Which ‘community initiatives’ and Tesco’s commitment to them have not been communicated yet.

Additionally, the Council claims that they will attempt to enforce the revised restrictions.