Dow Show

We are pleased to announce that Molly of Montpelier Row won the category Best Dog in Show and is therefore the TOP DOG in St Margarets. Molly took part in a fiercely contested show where entries were still being received up to the last minute. She returned home last night to a champagne reception and was giving an interview to the Daily Telegraph when your reporter called today. Molly did manage a quote for the St Margarets website saying, “It was a pleasure to bring a little joy into the community.”


The show judges Mr B.Arking and Ms R.Uff had a number of difficult choices to make with such a high quality field. One popular winner was dog that most looks like their owner. The two had such a close similarity it is hard to see where the dog begins and the boy ends. You can judge for your self in our photograph.

All winners received a memorable rosette and all contestants received a bag of dog biscuits. Simon of Cutters has asked us to remind you that these are for consumption by dogs only and not humans.

There was a mystery contestant who hasn’t been seen for a few days. Patch was called by the judges to come forward in the cleverest dog category but failed to show. An in depth investigation by the website has found Patch resting at a secret location. Patch says, “ I’m sorry I couldn’t make it I was at home checking and I just lost track of the time.”

Good ol' Patch

We hope you enjoyed the Dog Show as much as we did. The St Margarets Community Website is proud to sponsor such a glamorous, high profile event. If you have any ideas for future events or would like to write for this prestigious organ please contact us.