In light of the significant interest generated over the wine bar application, we wanted to make a few comments.

First, this website is trying to be a forum to pass along news and information about the community and to provide a means for discussion. We endeavour not to take sides on any issue, except those the whole community would support (i.e. Tesco lorries blocking the pedestrian crossing) and we are aware this is a delicate balance. We also welcome ‘open’ comments regarding any and all views on a particular subject, as long they are not derogatory or libellous. Please enter polls, leave comments, let others know what you think so the views of our community can be heard. We always welcome people to submit news and articles as well.

Second, it is important to remember, that while this site provides an outlet for sharing views, and the Council is aware of this site, comments on the site will never take the place of direct communication with the Council, Councillors and the Planning/Licensing Boards and letting them know your support or opposition. For issues that are open to Council approval, we always try to provide the website link to the appropriate area to make comments. Also, if anyone sees issues come up that we have not covered, please let us know – we can’t track them all by ourselves.

Third, this web site will only be successful if people help contribute. The site is currently supported by five main volunteers and a handful of additional helpers and maintained by a single person. We can only be aware of and track so many events. Please let us know if there is any news, issues or events that you would like to share with the community and we will be happy to post them. Since this site started, even we have been amazed at the amount of “issues” going on in St Margarets, many of which are very positive forces for change such increased recycling or the project to regenerate Moormead Park while others focus on problem areas such as the ongoing traffic congestion. It is our hope that the more people know about what is happening, the more we can all get involved in making St Margarets the type of place we want to live in. The Autumn Street Fair this past weekend was a great example of what we can all do – if everyone helps a little bit.

We are pleased with the positive response so far, and hope we are doing our little part to enhance the community.

The Web Team