Local restuarant, Brula was given an excellent review in this Saturday’s The Guardian.

If there is one thing that would most improve the quality of life for those of us living in the more piquant areas of urban Britain - apart, perhaps, from roadsweepers prepared to go that vital step beyond their strict contractual obligations and occasionally sweep the road - that thing would be a great neighbourhood restaurant 50 yards from our door. All my adult life, I was reflecting after lunch at Brula, I have dreamed of having such a place at the end of the road, perhaps in place of the bail hostel against the wall of which one of the neighbours was taking a decorous leak as I ambled past doing the reflecting.

Brula, alas, is miles away in Twickenham. It is 50 yards from a colleague’s front door, however, and should you ever take the Simon Hoggart Tour, do ask the guide to stop off there for lunch. Simon, I notice from a perfunctory Googling, has never mentioned Brula in his writings, and no wonder. Only a madman would give directions to a hidden gem such as this.”

Matthew Norman, 24 September 2005, The Guardian

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