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Broadway Objection Letter to Wine Bar Application

The St Margarets Community Website has recieved a copy of an Objection Letter to the Council from the residents of Broadway Avenue for the proposed wine bar under Streets that we reported earlier. In an effort to provide a balanced discussion of this issue we have decided to publish it here, along with a parking survey the residents provided.

30 September 2005 | news

Interview : Principals of the Proposed Wine Bar

ParVinu Logo

29 September 2005 | news

Newsletter Contest Winner

Jacqui of Cassilis Road was randomly selected as the winner of the September Newsletter Contest. She has won a free bedroom carpet from The Herdman Family Carpet Shop.

29 September 2005 | around_town

Update :: St Margarets Autumn Event : Dog Show

Molly, Dog Show Winner 2005

28 September 2005 | around_town

Brula Gets 8 Out of 10 from The Guardian


26 September 2005 | around_town

More Pictures from the St Margarets Autumn Event


26 September 2005 | around_town

Hurricane Rita

As strange as it may sound, this site is hosted on a server that is in Texas. While the ISP doesn’t expect any direct problems, as they are well inland, they have warned us that there may be issues with the networks in general when the storm makes landfall tomorrow. So if you have issues accessing the site over the next few days, this would be the likely reason.

25 September 2005 | editorial

Message from the St Margarets Web Team

In light of the significant interest generated over the wine bar application, we wanted to make a few comments.

25 September 2005 | editorial

Tesco Granted More Loading Bay Leniency

Tesco's Loading Bay Changes

23 September 2005 | news

St Margarets Autumn Event a Success

Fair from St Margarets Road

20 September 2005 | around_town

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