Superdrug Plans

The Richmond Council has received a planning application to renovate the former Phelps site at 133-135 St Margarets Road by the health and beauty store Superdrug.

According to Councillor Annie Hambidge;

People must realise that the Council have no powers to prevent a purchase between private parties.

This Application will be for an existing retail outlet to continue as such therefore ‘No Change of Use’ to which anyone can object.

Additionally the application contains no details of how Superdrug will handle deliveries, trash or increased traffic; which is already an existing sore point with many locals, considering the track record of the neighbouring Tesco.

Councillor Hambidge urges residents to:

decide how you feel about the changes taking place in St Margarets. The future lies in your hands … do you want [St Margarets] to become another ‘high street’ or do you feel sufficiently concerned to make your voice heard.

If you are concerned about this, please comment on this site, email us at and email Councillor Hambidge (