As previously reported, the Richmond Council’s licensing committee met today to vote on the Ailsa Tavern’s application for longer hours.

The committee rejected Alisa’s application for longer hours.

Last orders remain at 11 pm Monday to Thursday and 10.30 pm Sunday, with a slight extension allowed to 11.30 on Friday and Saturday.

The council had received over 70 objections from local residents and more than 30 residents attended. Councillor Annie Hambidge and Laurence Mann spoke on behalf of residents associations, SMERA and NSMRA, and five others spoke of damage to property, verbal abuse and problems near bus stops which would inevitably continue further into the night if extended hours were permitted.

The decision suggests that the licensing committee will reject applications for excessive hours in residential areas. In its application, the Turks’ Head is seeking to continue sales until 00.30 Monday-Thursday, 02.30 Friday-Saturday and 00.00 Sunday.

– from Trevor Whittall

If you want to make representations on this subject, then write to Also, Trevor Whittall ( is prepared to help residents with any issues.