Councillor Hambidge

One of the three councillors for St Margarets, Councillor Annie Hambidge wrote us a letter and asked that we post it.

We are including in its entirety.

The only edits were the addition of links referenced in the letter.

We are bombarded with literature 52 weeks of the year and sometimes more pertinent /interesting information or advice gets lost because it is instantly ‘binned’.

Congratulations in setting up this website for the community of St Margarets… just what the doctor ordered.

Thanks to the St Margaret’s Traders who this year have provided hanging baskets along Crown Road. They look rather good!

Currently the Council is extending it’s Re-cycling programme and I am pressing them to look for additional facilities in St Margaret’s.

The Traders always enjoy a new idea to work on so please give your local family traders; cafe’s; Post Office as much support as possible.

It’s good to see Neil (Birkett ) is now able to display his fine clothes in style again… He is such a professional. Despite all he kept smiling … what a champion! … and Zoran retains his good looks too (after having met with an obstacle when defending someone’s property bless him!).

Many of you are obviously delighted to have a Tesco store on your doorstep and find the facility of a cash machine a positive boon.
I have appreciated the time and effort Nigel Cannings has given to set up a website. This logs various activities which some feel have an adverse impact generally. Issues of safety and traffic flow through St Margarets; deliveries; parking and inappropriate signage.

I have requested a meeting with Cabinet Member for Transport; Officers; Nigel C.and myself in the hope that certain matters can be resolved more quickly.

Thank you too ‘French Correction’ that friendly garage in Amyand Park Rd,. Their efforts to remove unwanted graffiti from their property is really appreciated by residents.

Thank you Richard Lebus for providing for many years now, a splash of colour around the base of a tree he looks after in St Margarets Drive. (Well before Civic Pride was introduced he was also requesting paint from the Utilties in order to paint out graffiti on their boxes).
Opposite this road we see the Ailsa Tavern which again provides a marvellous floral display. Residents walking by will have seen the details of their ‘Notice of Application’ for extension of hours offered under the new Licensing Act.Some people have commented that ‘it could be larger’. Anyone living nearby wishing to make a written objection must do so by JULY18th individually and directly to the Council.

May I suggest that everyone be vigilant to such ‘Notices’ to ensure that residential status is not undermined by the introduction of the 24 hour drinking and other variations to a licence introduced by the Government.

Finally I would like to thank Richard and Jenny Raworth for their support for London Arcadia. Their beautiful garden provided the setting for us to enjoy delicious “refreshments” to the accompaniment of ’ cool- smooth jazz whilst raising substantial sums towards the target of £1.3m.

Jason Debney explained why and what was needed to enable the refurbishing of the Thames river walkways. It’s a fantastic project because not only will this be enjoyed by us but also future generations. All details are on the Council’s website.

Let me know if you have any thoughts on how to continue to improve & make St Margaret’s ‘the place to be’.

This website will provide a marvellous opportunity to keep ‘the heart of St Margaret’s’ beating.