no recycling

As we reported in April, the St Margarets’ Traders Association had applied, on 10 March 2005, for the right to adopt the Barron’s Road recycling site for the purpose of encouraging recycling with the added benefit of having some extra income to fund civic projects, specifically the hanging baskets on St Margarets and Crown Road.

Well, the council has rejected this request, apparently the site wasn’t enough of a ‘problem’, despite the good it would have done for the community.

“Unfortunately, as the local site does not usually present any problems it was decided that adopting it would be unnecessary.” – Jo Surcouf, Recycling Office, London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames, 14 June 2005

No only did it take four months to reject the claim, which is ridiculous, it also seems unfair that the council wouldn’t consider additional benefits to the local community to have the ongoing income for flower baskets and Christmas trees. It also seems strange that the council only wants to allow ‘problem’ sites to be adopted.

In our poll nearly 93% of residents supported the traders adopting the site. How can the council be so opposed to what its citizens want?

Poll Results, 92% in favour

We recommend that you email one of our local councillors, Anne Hambidge at, who is empathetic on this issue, to complain.