On the 6th June, the Richmond Council’s cabinet agreed to move ahead with plans for cashless on-street parking payment systems in the Richmond borough.

Currently they are opening a bidding process for vendors and hope to implement then system by year end. The system is likely to require people to pay using mobile phones, but the exact plans have not been defined.

Councillor Mark Krelling, the cabinet member for Traffic, Transport and Parking on Richmond Council said:

“This is an exciting decision that promises to put us in the vanguard of authorities who use technology in this way to make the life of the motorist easier while at the same time making the council more efficient.

“We do not know yet what system we will use but it will need to satisfy certain criteria including being user friendly, financially viable and integrating with our existing parking control systems.

“We are watching closely the experience of other boroughs and will consider carefully the tenders we receive in order to get the best value and most convenient system for our residents and visitors.”

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