Dear Friends and Neighbours,

Welcome to the St Margarets Community Web Site - This is a work in progress, begun by a group of friends, neighbours and some of the Traders. Please feel free to contribute in anyway.

The idea is to provide a voice for St Margarets. Richmond and Twickenham have their own identity but St Margarets is not always recognised as an independent vibrant, local community. We want to celebrate that it is and to provide a way for people to connect locally.

We hope to list, with your input, all local activities (i.e. within walking distance) and those of special interest such as Kew Gardens. We would like it to become a resource that you might use to find out anything from children’s holiday activities to local live music. How about a local ‘ebay’ where you can advertise things that you don’t want and local people can come and take them away for free!

For the last three years the local Traders have sponsored a Christmas Street Fair. This has grown and grown and has always created a tremendous sense of neighbourhood and local community. The Traders have always enjoyed a great deal of support in doing this but have often found out after the event that someone locally could have helped out with something if only they had known.

This web site is born out of this same spirit of generosity and desire to create a neighbourhood where we can all contribute for the benefit of the whole community.

We hope that you will join in.

It should be great fun!

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